Do you know what is IP address? If you don’t know what is and IP address then we will let you know its meaning in this article. It is the default IP address of many routers. It is used to access the private configuration screen of many routers including Micronet, Edimax, Siemens and more. You need to know your modem’s network settings page IP address and login details to change any settings in your modem configuration.

Seems easy isn’t it? Many designers and Manufacturers use as their default IP Address for accessing their device configuration page. This is the easiest way to provide the admin access of the device. You can log in to modem’s configuration page and set up your settings easily.

What to do with and IP Address?

This IP address takes you to the configuration page and local settings options of your mode. You can configure settings of your router according to several settings options. Given below are some options you can set using configure section of your modem.

  • MAC.
  • DHCP Client, DSL.
  • IP Qos.
  • PPPOE.
  • DNS and Proxy.
  • LAN, WAN and WLAN settings.
  • Encryption type as well as passwords.

If you want to getting into the login process or seeking for managing the features, all you need to type the respective IP address on your browser. When it comes to doing this process, you will be getting directed towards the administor page of the router. Now, it is important for you to fill with the username as well as password.

Make sure to fill the username as well as the default password. Now, you can view see the setup panel of a router which will be mainly displaying.

Login with – Check Complete Guide

The IP address is accessible to login to the Xfinity users. Make sure that your computer or device connected to the Wi-Fi router via cable or wireless network.

  1. Launch the web browser from device or Windows PC.
  2. Enter the URL or IP address in the clipboard and visit the URL.
  3. You can find default Username and Password of the router in the back of the device.
  4. You can access the router settings and gain full control over the router.
  5. Now, you have the power to set-up a new network such as Dial-Up connection or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) method.
  6. You can set-up static DNS or Advanced DNS to start connecting to the internet.
  7. Click on the save changes to complete the process.

The admin panel grants administrator privileges to the user, so do not share the credentials to anyone. You can add a strong protection to the router by changing the password.

Note: is the wrong IP address. The current IP address is So, make sure you are not trying to enter it.

Common problems you face

For your information, here we are going to follow the important steps for accessing the router that can cause unforeseen issues. Here we are going to have a discussion about recovering the password in terms of accessing the configuration of the router. Let’s check out the steps mentioned below without missing it.

Most of the people aren’t aware of username as well as the password when it comes to log in then you can try the default values as per the instruction. For this process, make sure that you can check at the back of the router. However, all the providers of router generally they will have the datasheets with the related information. You can also check out that more number of lists for where you can also find at anytime.

If you are having the respective default values with you, then you need to focus on log in process. You can also experience deny over accessing it which generally means at least a time can someone change the password. At this condition, you must be aware of resetting the router when it comes to restoring the configuration which is original and then proceeds further to utilize the default password.

If you are looking forward to restoring the router’s information towards the default values, then you need to find the reset button which is available in your device and press it then makes sure to hold for few seconds. If it is done, thus the router will get reset but you could see the configurations which will not be stored towards the default values.

For your information, if the default values are successfully given, then you can proceed further to utilize the default username as well as a password where you have followed in step two and then you can get into the admin panel of router as per the instruction.

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