IP Address, Default Username and Password

Generally, when it comes to IP address, most of the people aren’t aware of it. Here we are going to have a discussion about IP address. If you are not well known about IP address, then this could be the right place for you to have a look. For your information, it is mainly considered to be the private IP address for most of the router brands.

One should know that this IP address is mainly used for accessing the configuration screen of any of the devices and it will allow the user when it comes to managing the network settings by just changing the preferences as well as setting up new passwords along with the other management options. This could be the simple thing that one should be aware of it before getting into the process.

On the other side, designers, as well as the manufacturers, generally use the default IP addresses when it comes to accessing the devices. This could be the simple way for offering to the user as well as to the company as a tool when it comes to mainly performing over the changes as well as setup with any of the required configuration.

If you see the configuration page of a router, it mainly provides the access for most of the settings. Let’s have a look.

  1. WPS,
  2. MAC,
  3. DHCP, DSL,
  4. LAN,
  5. WAN and WLAN.

The most important function is that you can change both router and WiFi when logged in to the configuration screen. This security is important for both users and manufactures as this login information can be used to change any password anytime. Router is an important device whenever you are talking about the security of your system.

How can we use

If you are looking forward to accessing all the settings mentioned above, then you can proceed without any hassles. When it comes to using IP address as well as accessing the configuration screen of a router, all you need to do is open the internet browser and type on the address bar then click enter. Now, it will be showing the login credentials to fill. At this stage, most of the people started facing the issue where they changed the router’s password in the past but doesn’t remember about it. In case, if you forgot your password, then this is the time to reset the router. All you need to press and hold the reset button for few seconds, that’s it. Once the reset process is done on your router, you are now ready to use the default password and then proceed further to log in.

For instance, if you didn’t change the password before, then it requires entering the default password of the respective router model. Thus the configuration screen will be displayed once the login is done correctly without hassles. You are now ready to perform over the changes as per your need. One should keep it in mind that if anything wrongly changed, then the advanced settings may cause issues. When it comes to navigating the router configuration, then make sure to have the router’s manual for further process.

Important Note: If you are trying to enter ip addresses then it will not open. Because this is the wrong ip address. The correct ip address is outlined above